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Get Your Goat, Part 1

By Jbrause | In WOD | on December 4, 2017

Goat: a movement you need to work on.


Hey all! The end of the year is here and 2018 is right around the corner- but that doesn’t mean we’re done with 2017 just yet. Instead of coasting through December and waiting for New Year’s Resolutions to roll around I’d love to see you go out with a bang and make some serious progress before the year is through.

In CrossFit, I don’t care who you are, whether you’re fittest-man-on-earth Matt Fraser or Day-One Joe, you’ve got some goat movements. Movements that you specifically need to address in order to become a more well-rounded athlete.  Goat movements can often become a boogeyman in your head and ruin your mental game- these are the movements that make you second-guess coming in for a WOD and then you subsequently avoid doing them or over-scale. You don’t work on them because you’re bad at them and you’re bad at them because you don’t work on them.

The good news is that goat movements respond super-well to extra-attention- with just a little TLC you can bring them up to speed with the rest of your capabilities, and filling in those chinks in your armor will help you bust through plateaus and make the rest of your progress skyrocket.

While there are many movements that would make great targets for some goat work, for the next three weeks I’m going to choose two that I think we as a gym can all get better at- double unders and strict upper body pushing and pulling gymnastics movements.

Double unders are the classic CrossFit devil- you hate them till you have them, and maybe you get thirty in a row one day but can’t string together two the next. The frustration of double unders is that there’s no clear obstacle- no one misses double unders because they’re not strong enough, and no one is lacking in the endurance necessary to string 10 double unders together.

Some people are naturals at them, but for those that aren’t I think there’s only one solution to getting them: unrelenting brute force and persistence.

In testing double under skill we’re going to use the super simple test which I’m sure I’ve made you do a dozen times before, 2 min AMRAP Double Unders. To gauge progress here are some goals:

2min AMRAP Double Unders

Yes!! Finally!- 1 Rep (.0083/second)

You Can Do Them- 30 Reps (.25/second)

Semi-Proficient- 60 Reps (.5/ second)

Proficiency- 120 Reps (1/second)

High Proficiency- 200+ Reps (1.66/second)

We’ll be doing plenty of double under work the next three weeks, but if you want to do some extra credit homework I would do 4 min AMRAP Double Under Attempts before or after class any day you workout.

Upper body gymnastics are the opposite end of the spectrum- there’s no mystery when you can’t do any of these movements, you just need to be stronger. With these we’re going to be working a few different gymnastic progressions based off where you test in at. Choose an appropriate level to test in at today, to give you an idea of where to test in at look at these general guidelines:

For Level 1: 30s Passive Hang, 30s High Plank

For Level 2:   5 Green Band Chin-ups, 5 Push-ups to a 20″ box

For Level 3: 5 Red Band Chin-ups, 5 Push-ups to floor

For Level 4: 1 Chin-up, 1 Ring Dip

For Level 5: 7 Strict Chin-ups, 7 Strict Ring Dips

We’ll be working on gymnastic push/pull progressions on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for the next three weeks. Keep track of where you start off at and we’ll see how far we can push that with some concentrated effort.

We’ll be talking more about progressions and where to go from here over the next few days, but for now and so that  I don’t type your ear off, get started with this.


Part A-

Testing Day

2 min AMRAP Double Unders


Choose One:

Lvl 1: Max Duration Active Hang + High Plank

Lvl 2: Max Rep Green Band Chin-ups + Push-ups to a 20″ Box

Lvl 3: Max Rep Red Band Chin-ups + Box Dips (no legs)

Lvl 4: Max Rep  Chin-ups + Strict Ring Dips

Lvl 5: Max Rep Strict Muscle-ups

Record these numbers! We will retest on 12/22!

Part B-

4 RFT:

500m Row

30 Wallballs (20/14)

15 Pull-ups

ADV- (30/20), C2B Pull-ups

Part C-

Tabata Landmine Rotations


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