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Get Your Goat, Part 3

By Jbrause | In WOD | on December 6, 2017

Just keep pulling.

Hey all-

Getting into some upper body gymnastics work! We’ll talk about this more as we go, but just quick notes for today-

-Don’t take the levels too rigidly, especially if you’re much stronger on your pulling vs. pushing, mix and match and adjust rep ranges as you and your coach sees fit.

-As always think about achieving a full range of motion in all movements, especially in developing the muscle-up, building strength through a full ROM (chest to bar strict chin-ups, ring dips with shoulders to the bottom ring) is key.

-Focus on the eccentric (lowering) portion of all these movements- no dropping down from a chin-up/muscle-up transition, you’ll have greater strength gains if you lower yourself slow and controlled.

-Challenge yourself! The scalings you choose and do should be difficult, but also not so difficult that your form deteriorates. This is the time to focus on achieving the best movement possible.

More to come, but for now, get to work!



Part A-


4 min EMOTM (all work in same minute)

Lvl 1+2: 20s  Chin Hold (in Ring Row position) + 20s Scap Push-ups

Lvl 3: 20s Chin Hold Over Bar + 20s High Plank Ring Support

Lvl 4+5: 20s False Grip Chin Hold + 20s Ring Support (arms externally rotated)

Work Sets:

8 min EMOTM (1st movement even minutes, 2nd movement odd minutes)

Lvl 1: 5-8 Ring Rows,  4-8 Push-ups to 30″ box

Lvl 2:  3-5 Bar Chin-ups (Bar in squat rack, feet underneath you giving support),  4-8 Push-ups to 20″ Box

Lvl 3:  3-5 Red Band Chin-ups,  3-5 Box Dips

Lvl 4:  3-5 False Grip Chin-up, 3-5 Ring Dips

Lvl 5:  3-5 Strict Muscle-up Transitions (feet in front of you on ground/box, start with arms bent, finish in bottom of dip), 4-8 Ring Dips

Reps can be accumulated within the minute, do not have to be unbroken

Part B-

For Time:


KB Swings (70/53)

KB OH Walking Lunges (Switch arms halfway )

No-Push Burpees

Part C-

Tabata Partner Leg Raises

-followed by

2x 30s ea Partner Leg Drop




One Comment to "Get Your Goat, Part 3"

  • Kristina Sadlo says:

    December 6, 2017 at 2:06 am - Reply

    LOVING this get-your-goat programming, Jamie!

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