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19.4 Warm Up and Strategy

By Crossfit Coolidge Corner | In Coach's Corner | on March 15, 2019


For total time:
3 rounds of:
10 snatches
12 bar-facing burpees
Then, rest 3 minutes before continuing with:
3 rounds of:
10 bar muscle-ups
12 bar-facing burpees

Men snatch 95 lb./Women snatch 65 lb.
Time cap: 12 minutes


A) 5-7 min easy row or bike, keep heart rate low but get the muscles moving and get a little sweat going.

B) Specific Mobility

  • Lax Smash Shoulder – 90sec-2min/side
  • Banded OH Distraction – 2min/side
  • Foam Roll Lat Smash – 90sec/side

C) General Prep

3-4 Rounds

15 PVC Pass Through

10 Pushup to Down Dog

10 No Push Up Burpee

10 Ring Row

D) Power Snatch

3-2-1-1-1 Build to 80-85% in 8-10min

D) Specific Prep

3-4 Rounds

4 Snatch @ WOD weight

5 Bar Facing Burpee

rest 30s

1-3 Bar Muscle Up (depending on capacity, or pull-up)

5 Bar Facing Burpee

Rest 2min between rounds increasing intensity finishing at WOD pace.

Tips and Strategy

Again, RX or Nah?  If you can snatch the RX weight go RX and if you make the second half and are close to a Bar MU go for it, I’ve seen many people get their first MU in the open.  If you aren’t close scale and do pull-ups or jumping MU or jumping  pull-ups to continue your workout.  If you can’t snatch the RX weight go scaled.

Not a whole lot in the way of strategy for this workout other than moving quickly and efficiently and doing what you can to save your grip for the BMUs. That being said there are a few things that can help:


The key on these is to move through efficiently and save your grip as much as possible.  If the weight is around 60% or less of your 1 rep max you may consider going unbroken.  For the rest of us sets of 5 or 6/4 is the way to go.  Move quickly but efficiently, don’t rush. Snag a breath at the top of each rep.  HOOK GRIP!!!!! Also be sure to bring your hips down with each rep, don’t just yank with your back.

Bar Facing Burpee

The key to bar facing burpees is to move efficiently and keep your heart rate as low as possible so that you can grab the bar immediately.  They are allowing athletes to step back and step up for the burpees this year.  I HIGHLY suggest this method for a few reasons 1) the movement is a tad more deliberate which helps keep the heart rate down 2) it allows you to bring your foot all the way up near the bar allowing you to come up and hop right over, eliminating the extra stutter steps thereby increasing your efficiency 3) it allows you to keep moving through the reps instead of rushing through a handful of reps and having to stop and gather your breath.  As soon as you finish rep 12, turn and grab the bar IMMEDIATELY.  In the third round of burpees push the pace, when you get to the final 5-6 move as fast as possible, abandon the step method and JUST GO, to get the best tie break score you possibly can.

Bar Muscle-Up

For those of us that have bar muscle ups this becomes a game of navigating the reps smartly based on your capacity and your grip and lat fatigue.  If you can do 20+ go unbroken, no worries. If you can do 5-10 think about 2 or possibly 3 at a time.  Nothing wrong with trying to knock out singles either.  A few tips on the bar MU itself 1) stand a step or so back from the bar and jump into your kip 2) keep your arms as straight as possible and pull to your hips not your chest 3) once horizontal pop your hips and “find your feet” 3) it is very akin to getting up into a boat from the water.  Give it your best shot, who knows!!!

Happy St Paddy’s Day, 1 week to go.  You ready for thrusters and chest to bar pull-ups?

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