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Aaron J. Weinert, AIA

By Stephanie Fox | In News & Events | on February 27, 2014

A graduate of Washington University and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Aaron has mastered his skill and has started his own architecture company. With 17 years of experience in both commercial and residential interior architecture Aaron brings great ideas to every project he is involved with. Aaron’s background includes knowledge in not only interior architecture but also in the fitness industry. With familiarity in the community and industry, Aaron brought his diverse knowledge of the industry to the CFCC build out.

Aaron took a different approach during the build out at CFCC. He studied CrossFit prior to the construction in order to understand the dynamics and intensity of CrossFit. “I wanted to bring something more than just the typical dirty garage. Both the owners and I had a vision that we wanted it to be more than that”. They were successful with their plan. CFCC is an upscale more polished Box while still maintaing an intensity level that CrossFit is known for.

Aaron made sure to create a bright and polished look and feel for CFCC. Located on street level with a lot of windows and natural light “we wanted the space to feel as opened and inviting as possible”. “Picking bold colors and making smart choices materially was important to give CFCC an identity”. Gathering all the coaches opinions and ideas on how the space should feel was kind of like conducting an orchestra Aaron explained. The project went smoothly and the new CrossFit Coolidge Corner turned out great.




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