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Our Philosophy



To be an expert is to always to be a beginner, because expertise constantly opens up new worlds

We are all students and we are all teachers. In CrossFit, as we master one skill we are almost immediately, sometimes maddeningly, presented with a new challenge. Whether learning a new movement, refining an old skill or transcending our personal limitations we must always remain teachable and willing to learn.


It doesn’t have to be fun to be fun_0006_cfcc-18

Joshua Bridges

The joy is in the work, not the result. We cannot control the outcomes but we can control our own effort. Learn to love the work you do in CrossFit. Learn to love it even when you’re struggling. Its fine to have goals but if you’re not enjoying the present moment and pushing your boundaries then you will not adapt and grow. There is now substitute for effort, and pain is the touchstone of all growth.



Virtuosity is doing the commonplace, uncommonly well” 

Greg Glassman

Mastery is the result of our education and our efforts. The confidence gained from simply and humbly walking the path that is laid out for us is transformative. The system of CrossFit provides us with an endless array of challenges from which we are constantly evolving and redefining ourselves.

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