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By brett kokoruda | In Coach's Corner | on July 10, 2015

I wanted to take a minute to discuss progress and accountability.  Many of you are blowing past old boundaries and limitations in your workouts. There’s more weight on the bar and more RX’s next to your name on the white board. I applaud your dedication and hard work. While we may have set you on the path and guided you, the credit belongs to you for showing up and working hard. Some of you are still early in your fitness journey and this applies equally to you as well.

It is absolutely essential as we progress that we hold ourselves to the highest standards of movement and accountability. In our race for RX we often let ourselves off the hook on certain things. Ask yourself during your next workout. Did I pick a weight that allowed me to get a full range of motion? Am I able to hit the actual target with the medicine ball I chose? If not go lighter and do the exercise properly? Are my pushups unassisted but barely half range of motion? Are my toes hitting the actual bar on toes to bar or are they “kinda close?” Am I shaving a few reps off here and there to get a faster time? You will become a better athlete in the long run if you hold yourself to these standards.

There is absolutely no value in getting a better score or going faster  with dirty or partial reps. You’re more likely to get injured and in the long run your gains will stall. I myself would often let form go out the window as fatigue set in. Since becoming a coach, I’ve had to learn to hold myself to a consistent standard and put my ego aside. The keys are consistency and patience. Many of you have come up to me and confided that you are doing things that you never thought possible in the gym: lifting heavy weights, executing advanced gymnastic’s movements, running faster, jumping higher etc. I love hearing this and I want to see all of you get the most out of your time spent here at CFCC. Hold yourself accountable. Have a standard. Stay focused. And continue to work hard and have fun.

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