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Climbing the Walls

By brett kokoruda | In WOD | on February 10, 2014

Thanks again for everyone who came by and made Saturday such a great afternoon. All in all it was an incredibly memorable opening day and I want to personally thank the good peeps at AgainFaster, Reebok, CrossFit Fenway, Fuel for Fire, SFH Nutrition and Hint Water for lending their support in innumerable ways. It was also nice to finally see many of you in your street clothes and get your impressions of our first two weeks. I’m honestly surprised and humbled at how quickly this community is growing.


Guess what? More squatting this week. This is how we get strong, so get used to it. We’ve got some new things coming your way this week as we expand our exercise selection template while continuing to solidify the base we’ve been building. To that end, we’re throwing something a little different your way tomorrow. It’s a late-era CrossFit exercise known as the Wall Climb which will seriously test your shoulder strength. We have scaling options available obviously but this exercise will also help many of you  get comfortable being inverted which will translate to some of the handstand work we’ve got for you down the road.

Check it out:




Front Squat





5 Wall Climbs

15 Squats

20 Ball Slams(20/14)


*Above Photo Courtesy of Chuck Jones

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