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Double Dutch

By brett kokoruda | In WOD | on February 2, 2014

We’re gonna lighten things up a little tomorrow and introduce you to a very important new skill that you’ll see frequently in many WODs to come. The Double Under, alternately referred to as a power jump in some circles is a jump rope skill in which the rope passes twice beneath the athletes feet. In CrossFit the double under serves a number of purposes. First and foremost its an incredible conditioning tool. Adding a handful of dubs into any workout makes it much much harder. Secondly, it trains accuracy, balance and coordination in a very unique way.  And lastly…they’re just sort of cool. Yosh will be running class tomorrow so you’ll get to see some double under mastery at work. This is a skill that all of you will need to work  a bit on your own to develop before and after class in the coming months. Consider that a challenge…

The workout today is another benchmark workout: Annie. Named after one of the original ters, Annie Sakamato, its a devastatingly simple test of conditioning and core strength. I hope everyone enjoys the warm weather and the Super Bowl tomorrow. We’ve got a tough week ahead, so enjoy the pretzels and chicken wings while you can….

Skill: Double-unders





Double unders

Abmat Sit-ups

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