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Finish Strong

By brett kokoruda | In Everything, News & Events | on June 22, 2014

So I was going to write this super inspirational post about how to go extra hard this last week…but, I never finished it. And I really don’t think people need or want to hear words of encouragement this late in the game. For those of you who truly committed to tracking your progess, regardless of your scores, I’m really proud of how you’ve all stuck with it. I’m going to offer you all a few brief suggestions this last 5 days:

1. Start to ask yourself  what you really want to take away and continue from this challenge. Look over you points for the 2 months and be honest with yourself about where you need to improve. If you were compliant less than half time on the food, maybe you can ask yourself why it was so hard to follow this for two months? That alone may be the value of the challenge.

2. I learned this from experience. Have a couple cheat meals at the end but don’t have a cheat week or even a cheat holiday weekend. Trust me, you’ll be amazed how fast the progress you’ve made can be squandered. Jen and I are planning on going to our favorite Italian Restaurant when this is over but for the most part we’re already discussing how to use this as a springboard for further fine-tuning of our diet and lifestyle.

3. Try to stick with the lifestlye elements that resonated with you as an individual. For some it was meditation, for others it was the water or the sleep.  Again, this is about what you can take away while moving forward into the summer.

4. Write down exactly how you “feel” right now if you’ve stuck with this. Not how bored you are with the food choices or how you can’t wait to eat pasta or ice cream or drink beers. Notice how you actually feel. Look at your skin, your waist. Remember it. You’ll soon not have any points to score you’ll find that those foods may not be serving you in the ways you thought.

5. Be kind to yourself. I actually hate the word “cheat” meal to be honest. I like to think of this as a more of an intuitive journey. When I make proper choices most of the time, I never regret eating the entertainment foods. Its only when I rely primarily on junk and poor choices that regret and guilt comes into the picture. Give yourself a well deserved hand and finish strong.

3 Comments to "Finish Strong"

  • Donna says:

    June 23, 2014 at 3:32 am - Reply

    My family and I LOVE Jeni’s! We lived in Columbus, Ohio and saw the business start and flourish, and have been avid fans ever since. We’ve had it shipped to Montana so many times! You have to try the Dark Cocoa Gelato 🙂 And yes, having Jeni’s is finishing strong! Enjoy!

  • Brett says:

    June 24, 2014 at 1:10 pm - Reply

    The Salty Caramel and Brown Sugar Almond Brittle are the best…..even at the 10 dollar price tag.

  • Kenzie says:

    June 26, 2014 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    I’m really surprised I’m not craving sweets like I used to. In fact, I think I’m looking forward to a little cheese even more than ice cream.

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