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Guidelines For Indoor Classes

By Nate Gagnon | In News & Events | on July 3, 2020
Hi All,
I’m super excited for indoor classes resuming this coming Monday! I just wanted to go over some logistics in advance.
If you’ve been taking outdoor classes, many of the same precautions will remain in place. Everyone will wash hands at the start and wipe down all equipment used. We will have plenty of hand sanitizer, the bathrooms will be open, and there will be plenty of disinfectant wipes and sprays. Classes will be capped at 8 participants. There will be no access to the showers and the water fountain will only be available for filling bottles. There will be no access to communal chalk or individual whiteboards.
Masks will be required. During a workout, if you need to take your mask off, you should be 14ft away from anyone. Otherwise, you will need to keep 6ft of distance. I have the floor well marked in 6ft intervals (went through 4 rolls of duct tape).
At this point, this should go without saying, but it’s important so I’m saying it: if you are experiencing symptoms, have been exposed to someone, are awaiting test results, or have been asked to quarantine, don’t come to the gym.
If after the reopening you at any point test positive, please let me know immediately. At that point we would close and do a full deep clean of the whole facility. I know that last scenario sounds scary, but what it means is that each day we are open, we have had no one test positive.
I think everyone who has taken outdoor classes has felt safe and protected with the measures we are taking. That will extend to the indoor classes. I am also keeping the idea open to continue some outdoor classes in the evening sessions. People like them, it’s good social distancing, and Jesse needs to be in the sun.
I can’t wait to see you all in class again. It’s going to be great!
Love to you all,
Coach Nate
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