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Move it more than you look at it

By Crossfit Coolidge Corner | In WOD | on September 14, 2014

One of the hardest parts about CrossFit is learning to train your body when to turn it on and when to hold back. It’s something there is no “One size fits all” for, but more like individual preference. We all respond to pain differently. Nobody can really tell you what it’s going to feel like or what the best way is to break it down, which is why it becomes so important to expose yourself to it.

The goal isn’t really to overcome it, but to tolerate it. We don’t want to eliminate the feeling all together because believe it or not, it is helpful. It’s easy to feel in control when things are going our way, but we truly test ourselves when we are forced into the moments when things are outside of our control. We cannot be afraid to fail. When we train these two elements and find a workable balance, that’s how we build confidence. Confidence in finishing things strong but more importantly the ability to focus when something happens that was unplanned for. If you haven’t noticed already, the workouts you do don’t just get you in better shape, but the experience serves as a guide to how we handle elements of our own life outside of the gym. Your energy exudes and prompts others around you to become the same.

Always remember: You’re in control. You have the ability. Always be confident.


Monday, September 15th 2014


A1) Bench Press 5-5-5-5-5

A2) Single arm Db row 8-8-8-8




Bear Complex (135/95)

Box jumps (30/24)

Wall Climbs

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