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Oly Prog 1/8-1/14

By Jbrause | In News & Events | on January 8, 2018

Our next big meet is the RWL St. Paddy’s Day Competition. Cycle starts today!


Hey all,

Our first weightlifting competition of 2018 will be the RWL St. Paddy’s Day Competition on March 17th. The deadline to register is Feb. 15th, but I’d recommend registering ASAP if you’re interested in competing as it will likely fill up. You can register online here.

Leading up to this meet we’re going to be running a 10-week modified Catalyst Athletics Cycle, our ‘A Various Variety of Variations’ Variant (aka, the VVVV). You can find the full cycle here (in the works). It’s an interesting cycle, we’ll be using a lot of different exercises we haven’t before, as we draw closer to the meet we’ll be hitting the main lifts frequently in wave sets that should help nail down your technique and consistency. Any movements you have questions on you should be able to find in the Catalyst Athletics exercise library, if not, come to me!


Day 1 (Monday)

1) Concentric Power Jerk- 3RM, 3×90%, 3×95%

2) Back Squat w/ 15-20kg Chains- 10RM, 10×90%, Max Reps x 90%

3) Bulgarian Split Squats- 3x10ea

4a) SN Press- 3×15

4b) Hanging Leg Raise- 3x Max Reps


Day 2 (Wednesday)

1) Hang Power CLN (ATK) + Hang CLN (ATK) + CLN- 1+1+1RM, 1+1+1×90%, 1+1+1×95%

2) Floating CLN Deadlift- 5RM, 2x5x90%

3) Good Morning- 3×10

4a) Farmer’s Carry- 3x50m

4b) Weighted Plank- 3×20-30s


Day 3 (Open Gym, preferably Thursday)

1) Push Press + Power Jerk + Jerk- 1+2+3RM, 1+2+3×90%, 1+2+3×95%

2) Safety Bar Squat- 6RM, 6×90%, Max Reps x90%

3) Back Squat Jump (% of BS)- 4x5x20%

4) Turkish Get-up- 3x5ea



Day 4 (Open Gym, preferably Saturday)

1) Hang SN (Hi Hang)- 3RM, 3×90%, 3×95%

2) Sumo Deadlift- 8RM, 2x8x90%

3) Single Leg Deadlift- 3x6ea

4) Back Ext. w/ DB Row- 3×15

5a) SN Grip Upright Row- 3×15

5b) Bent Row- 3×10

5c) V-up- 3x Max Reps


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