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Oly Programming 2/6-2/12

By Jbrause | In News & Events | on February 6, 2017

Svetlana Tsarukayeva, Russian weightlifter who won silver in the 2012 London Olympics but was later stripped of her medal in 2016 along with ten other athletes when the International Olympic Committee retested for doping violations.


Into the second week of this strength cycle. For all the RPE/Load Drop lifts I’d like you to take the weight you lifted last week and make the following adjustments based on how many reps you got at your first heavy set at a 9 RPE.

6 Reps = Add 10#
5 Reps = Add 5#
4 Reps = Add 2.5#
3 Reps = Add 1#

With this new weight once again do as many reps as possible at a 9 RPE, then load drop from there. We’ll continue repeating this process and add weight next week based off how many reps you get this week. For example, last week on Back Squat you did 275# x 6 @ 9 RPE, then load dropped to 260# and did 260#x6@8, 260#x6@8.5, then 260#x6@9. This week since you hit 275#for 6 you’d add on 10# and do as many reps as possible at a 9 RPE. Your squatting today might look like 285#x5@9, 270#x5@8.5, 270#x5@9. Then next week you’d add on 5#, etc. Hopefully this makes sense, if not I can clear it up for you tonight.


Day 1 (Monday)-

1. 12 min EMOTM, 1 Power Jerk- starting at 65% building to heavy single

2. Push Press x 3-6@9 RPE, Load Drop 5-10%

3. Back Squat x3-6@9RPE, Load Drop 4-6%

4. 4x (4 Chin-ups, 4 Dips, 6 Ab Wheels)


Day 2 (Wednesday)-

1.  12 min EMOTM, 1 Segment Snatch- starting at 65% building to heavy single

2. Snatch Push Press x 3