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Oly Programming 7/11-7/17

By Jbrause | In News & Events | on July 11, 2016

Weekly Programming + Suggested Warm-up


Hey all,

Back on that 3-day grind! Immediately following this week’s programming is a suggested barbell warm-up to do on your own before the class, be sure to check it out if you need some new warm-up ideas!


Day 1 (Monday)

1. Snatch, 4×1 @ 9RPE

2. Clean + Hang Clean (BTK) + Hang Clean (ATK), 4x 1+1+1 @ 8 RPE

3. Front Squat, up to x3 @9RPE, 5% Load Drop


4a. Jefferson Curl 3×8

4b. Ab Wheel 3×8


Day 2 (Wednesday)

1. Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Hang Snatch (ATK), 5x 1+1+1 @8 RPE

2. Split Jerk, 4×1 @9RPE

3. Power Clean, 4×2 @ 9.5RPE


4a. Cuban Rotations 3×10

4b. Windmills 3×4 ea


Day 3 (Open Gym)

1. Hang Clean (BTK) + Split Jerk, 5x 1+1 @9RPE

2. Snatch Pulls, 5×3 @9RPE

3. Back Squat, up to x3 @9RPE, 5% Load Drop

4a. Barbell Row 3×8

4b. Wtd. Push-ups 3×8 (use dip belt)

5. 8 min Abs

Basic Crunch=Tuck-Ups, Oblique Crunch= Side Plank Pulse, Toe Touches=Wtd w/ Medball, Curl=V-Ups, Reverse Crunch=Bent-Knee Dragon Flag, Alternating Curl=Bicycle


Suggested Warm-Up

The following is a fairly thorough warm-up for weightlifting work, consisting of a general bodyweight sequence and more specific barbell sequence. Once you’re familiar with it 12-15 minutes should be totally sufficient to make it through at a comfortable warm-up pace. Feel free of course to add/substitute movements more specific to your personal mobility or technique needs.

1. 400m Run/500m Row/2 min Jump Rope

2. Elbow Circles x10 ea direction, Arm Circles x10 ea direction, Arm Swing Opens x10, Arm Swing Ups x10, Discus Rotations x10

3. Toe Touches x10, Around the Worlds x5 ea direction, Bootstrappers x10, Cossack Squats x10

4. Deep Lunge w/ Rotation x5 ea side, Active Pigeon x5 ea side, Downward dog, Upward Dog, Divebomber Push-ups x5, Shoulder/Lat Opener


1. Split-Legged Good Morning x5 ea side, Back Squat x5, Front Squat x5, OHS x5

2. Hang Clean Pull (ATK) + Hang Clean Hi-Pull (ATK)+ Hang Power Clean (ATK), 2x 1+1+1 (Repeat BTK then from mid-shin with full cleans)

3. Press x5, Jerk Drive x5, Push Press x5, Split Jerk x5

4. Snatch Pull x5, Snatch Hi-Pull x5, Muscle Snatch x5, Power Snatch x5, Snatch Balance x5, Snatch x5

Coming next week- why we do so many damn Jefferson Curls and Cuban Rotations + how to progress and develop them.


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