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Oly Programming 7/25-7/31, October Competition Info

By Jbrause | In News & Events | on July 25, 2016

Featuring info on the Ginny Robinson Memorial Weightlifting Competition.

Hey all!

So the time is almost here- we’re about to start ramping up our lifting programming in preparation for the 6th Annual Ginny Robinson Memorial Breast Cancer Awareness Weightlifting Competition. The competition will be held on October 8th+9th (what day you compete on depends on what weight class you’ll be in). Check out the link for more info.

Participation in the competition is of course not mandatory for being a part of our Oly classes, but if you have even a passing interest in Olympic lifting I highly encourage you to compete, participating in meets and competitions teaches you a lot of lessons about yourself as a lifter that are impossible to learn otherwise. Never worry about ‘waiting until you’re strong enough’ to compete, compete early and compete often, that’s one of the best ways to grow and progress as an athlete.

Our programming will begin to be specifically structured toward peaking for this meet- I’ll post a spreadsheet with the framework later this week. In preparation we’ll be holding a mock meet in mid-September (date TBA) that I highly recommend you make it to, and to kick it off this coming Monday, what better way to begin than hit some 1 rep maxes. We’ll talk a little bit more about what to expect in the competition and goals to set for yourself as well (competing or not), so if you’re interested in the competition I recommend you definitely make it in on Monday 7/1.

Day 1

1. Power Snatch + Hang Snatch (BTK), 4x 1+1 @9 RPE

2. Power Clean + Split Jerk, 5x 1+2 @8 RPE

3. 1s Pause Back Squat, up to x3 @9 RPE, 5% Load Drop


4a. Jefferson Curl, 3×8

4b. GHD Situps, 3×15

Day 2

1. Snatch + Snatch Drop, 5x 1+2 @8 RPE

2. Push Press, up to x3 @9 RPE, 5% Load Drop

3. Clean Pulls 4×3 @ 9.5 RPE


4a. Cuban Rotations 3×10

4b. One-Arm Farmer’s Carry 3x 100’ea


Day 3

1. Squat Clean Thruster, 4x 2 @9 RPE

2. Muscle Snatch + Snatch Push Press, 5x 1+2 @9 RPE

3. Romanian Deadlift, up to x4@9 RPE, 5% Load Drop

4a. Barbell Row, 3×12

4b. Wtd. Push-up, 3×4 (use dip belt)

5. Tuck-Straddle-Pike-Roll, 5×5



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