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Oly State of the Union + Programming 5/31-6/4

By Jbrause | In News & Events | on May 31, 2017

(Almost) All of your Brookline Barbell Club competitors at the RWL Memorial Day Weightlifting Meet. Not pictured- fabulous intern Kelsey Kunes.


Congratulations to all our lifters who competed at the RWL Memorial Day Weightlifting meet! You all had some fantastic accomplishments and crushed it. Be sure to update the oly board with PR totals, etc.!

Moving forward the next major meet we’ll be working toward will be the Bay State Games Weightlifting Competition on July 22nd and 23rd.

This is the big New England meet of the year, and a ton of fun. I’d love to show up with a big group from the Brookline Barbell Club, if you’re on the fence about it I’d highly recommend signing up, and do so sooner rather than later as it will definitely sell out. If you sign up by tonight I believe the price is $10 less.

Leading up to this meet we’ll be running a relatively short cycle starting Monday (6/5), just 7 weeks long. We’re coming up on the one year anniversary of the official founding of the Brookline Barbell Club (7/27), and as the program has grown and developed we’ve experimented with a variety of styles of programming, from modern RPE-based templates to more classic percentage-based cycles. I believe the natural evolution of the program is towards slightly more individualized programming. As you all develop as lifters your needs change and grow, and in keeping up with those changes the programming should reflect that. More on this next week, exciting changes are coming.


Day 1

1. Hang Power Snatch (ATK)- 3RM

2. Hang Clean (ATK) + Front Squat + Jerk- 1+1+1RM

3. Back Squat- 3×5 @ 9 RPE

4a. Strict Pull-ups 3x ME

4b. Ab Wheels 3×8


Day 2

1. Hang Snatch (ATK) + Snatch Balance + OHS- 1+1+1RM

2. RDL- 4×6 @ 9 RPE

3. Push Press- 4×3 @ 9RPE

4. Front Squat 3×8 @9RPE

5a. GHD Sit-ups 3×15

5b. Wtd. GHD Hip Extensions 3×12


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