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Onto that New-New: Oly Prog 8/7-8/13

By Jbrause | In News & Events | on August 7, 2017

The absolutely massive Serge Reding in one of his classic duels with Vasily Alexeev. Explode. Commit. Crush.


Hey Lifters,

It’s that time again, we’re beginning a new 9-week oly cycle leading up to the Ginny Robinson Memorial Classic on October 7th and 8th! I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a sexy new spreadsheet, but for now, here’s the next week’s worth of lifts.

The general framework of this cycle will revolve around three types of workout:

Explode– These days will be focused on building speed and explosive power, with and emphasis on the first and second pull.

Commit– These days will aim to build confidence and precision in aggressively pulling/pushing yourself underneath the bar.

Crush– These days will be focused on getting hella strong.

As the cycle progresses we will be adding in a bit more targeted work as we did in the last cycle with the A/B/C groups, but for the next few weeks you’re all in the same boat.

We’ll also be returning to tracking lifts in the spreadsheet this cycle… as soon as I finish the spreadsheet.

Week 1

Day 1 (Monday)


1. Power Snatch- x1@10RPE

2. Hang Power Clean (ATK) + Power Jerk- x1+1@10 RPE

3. Front Squat- x1@10 RPE

4a. Box Jump 4×3

4b. Hanging Leg Raise 4×6

*If you miss twice move on. There’s no reason you should be PRing today, don’t force or expect it.


Day 2 (Wednesday)


1. Hang Snatch Pull (ATK) + Snatch + Snatch Balance- 4×1+1+1@9 RPE

2. Clean Pull + Hang Clean (ATK) + Hang Clean (Hi-Hang)- 4×1+1+1 @ 9 RPE

3. Behind the Neck Split Jerk- 4×2@9 RPE

4a. Bulgarian Split Squat- 4x6ea

4b. Reverse Hyper 4×15


Day 3 (Open Gym, Fri/Sat)


1. Muscle Snatch- 5×3@9RPE

2. Push Press- 4×3@9RPE

3. Back Squats- 14 min E2MOTM, x5@8RPE

4a. Split Press 3xME (aiming for 10+ on first set)

4b. Strict Pull-ups 3xME



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