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Patriot Games

By brett kokoruda | In WOD | on February 5, 2018

Part A:

Back Squat


*third set is the heaviest. Rest adequately and reduce by 10% for the AMRAP set.

*superset with 8 rocking hip flexor stretches

Part B:

5 rounds

30s Max Calorie Row

20s Rest

30s Max Burpees

20s Rest

30s Front Rack Hold

20s Rest

*for front rack hold try to use the same weight you used for your final back squat set.

*score is total calories and burpees+weight for the Rack Hold



Part C:

60s Lizard(each side)

60s Pigeon(each side)

60s Seated Toe Touch(use band if needed)

60s Frog

60s Child’s Pose

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