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Resistance is Futile

By brett kokoruda | In News & Events | on May 27, 2014

There is a spiritual axiom in my life: Whenever I am highly resistant to some idea or activity there is always some kind of fear behind it. This doesn’t mean I have to say yest to every harebrained scheme  or idea that comes across my radar but generally when I’m unwilling to “try” something new, I find excuses or fall back on old opinions so I can sell it myself and those around me. The takeaway is for me to try new things regardless of my opinions. Take risks and take action. It is in the action of doing something that we find its rewards not in pre-judging it before we’ve even tried it.

So what does all this have to do with the WLC? This challenge is asking each of us to take some risks and put our prejudices aside and try out a new way of life. Some of you reported thinking that “meditation was a waste of time”  only to discover that your ideas ABOUT meditation were the only evidence you had to draw upon and the act of meditating brought great results. Others thought that mobility work was a boring afterthought to your training but discovered that daily foam rolling improved your workouts. And some of us thought we couldn’t possibly live without sugar, bread, candy, diet soda, cigarettes, binge drinking or cheese and learned that when we committed to this way of eating consistently for weeks on end that we felt better across the board and lost inches around our wastes.

This second part of the challenge is going to continue to ask you to SAY YES to trying new things. If you’re not seeing results or changes, or feeling better then you now have over 3 weeks of data to look back on and assess how well you’ve stuck with you plan.  If nothing changes then nothing changes. Ask yourself if you’re making excuses all the time or if you’re really giving this a valid try?

If you’re loving it, as I know many of you are then just stay the course and if you’ve fallen off, recommit today to eating well and tracking your points. There’s over a month left and plenty of time to take new risks and reap new rewards.

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