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Sayonara, Adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Farewell

By Jbrause | In News & Events | on May 24, 2018

Brookline Spa to announce bankruptcy within a month after I leave.


Hey all,

So the cat’s half out of the bag at this point (half in the bag depending on your perspective), but for those of you that don’t know yet I’m going to be leaving CrossFit Coolidge Corner at the end of May.

I’m going to be leaving in order to pursue some different opportunities, primarily building my online training business  (Kelsey Sarah Alexis Karan Schuyler Raya hollaaa, thanks for the support guys!) and getting ready to start a family with my wife.

Leaving CFCC was an extremely hard decision for me to make, I’ve massively enjoyed the past two and half years I’ve worked here and have been incredibly grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to force you all to stand in a circle and say your names a million times, have erg parties, and tell you to squeeze your glutes so hard you turned an apple into applesauce (I actually got paid for that!). We have an amazing community at the box, and I will seriously miss celebrating your successes and doing my best to help you through your setbacks.

I always have and continue to believe that coaching CrossFit is the best job in the world and leaving it is incredibly challenging, but I can’t in good faith encourage you all to take risks and be the best versions of yourselves without doing the same for myself.

My last class shift will be next Thursday night, hopefully I’ll see a bunch of your sweaty exhausted faces before then. I’ll also of course be at the BBQ/Soccer Tournament that Friday night. And yes, in case you were wondering, it is actually a going away party that I’m throwing for myself, and I do totally intend to win the soccer tournament and award myself a huge sweet-ass trophy before the night is through.

If you ever want to reach me (or are interested in online training!) you can of course find me on Facebook,  @houseofbrause on instagram, or email me at

Happy trails my friends, until we meet again.



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