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The CrossFit Open

By brett kokoruda | In Coach's Corner, News & Events | on February 6, 2018

The time of year is upon us again; the entire CrossFit community centers around 5 weeks of WODs which inevitably dictates who qualifies for Regional competition, and ultimately, the CrossFit Games. If you have zero reference to what the “Games” are, the best way I can describe it to you is the Olympics of Fitness. Starting next Thursday, this entire process begins with the first Workout announcement.

The singular best part of the Open is that it is available to everyone. And with that being said, I highly encourage everyone at CFCC to sign up. Our gym will be one of the registered affiliates where anyone will be able to come and perform the WODs at. We will have a registered Team and those who sign up can become part of it. We will plan to host the Competition WODs here at the gym every Saturday for those who are going to be competing.

Why should you sign up?

You vs You. The most honest form of expression. Plus, common values represented by everyone who you compete with. There’s no greater commitment that can really be shared when we put ourselves in those situations. The effect it has within our own community has truly tangible benefits; creating new friends and establishing even stronger bonds with those whom we are already familiar with.

It’s an awesome 5 weeks, guys. Please please please sign up. I promise without a doubt you will learn and have a great experience. You can register here

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