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The importance of Knowing

By Crossfit Coolidge Corner | In Coach's Corner | on April 8, 2014

With the continuing exposure you will have to all the major lifts, as well as movements and time/task oriented workouts, I want everyone to get in the habit of logging every piece of numerical data they can. By now, everyone should have some form of tracking system for this; either by notebook or Smartphone App. The importance of keeping track of what we do will only aid in our continued progression towards absolute fitness. Here are a few strategies for both Strength sets and WOD tracking.



We are currently using a Linear system, where you are looking to increase the weight for each set to find the heaviest set of (reps) you can do. You generally will see these as 3-3-3-3-3, 5-5-5-5-5, etc. As most of you are still novices with Barbell training, these progressions are important to find where your base of strength is. Do yourself a favor and note what EACH SET is and not just your final lift. It’s always important to know where you start and where you finish each time so that as time goes by and you become better conditioned to heavier weight, you will know what kind of jumps you can make for each set and hopefully hit some PRs! Again, the benefit here is to increase awareness to the kind of progress we are making.


Conditioning aka “WOD”

There are many variables for the workout of the day:

  • Time versus Task oriented
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Reps
  • Rounds
  • Movements

All of which provide supremely useful data to monitor our continued progression.

Which brings me to my next point: Stop switching things mid-workout.

This goes for switching bands, weights, range of motion, the movement itself, etc. Before you even start the workout you should set yourself up for the best possible advantages of moving well. If you don’t know, then ask your coach. Your goal for every workout is to keep your power output high, or in other words, moving more than you’re resting. This is what will help improve your performance so that you can keep seeing the results you want. Tracking becomes increasingly more difficult when you find yourself consistently switching variables throughout your workouts. You will go back in your notebooks and find a compilation of uncertainty. Do the workout then note the following:

How long did it take?

What weight (if any) did I use?

Did I need any modifications, and if so, where and how much?


Make your notebook your best friend. Put in the work, take it to the bank, then save it for later. Here is a link to some great custom made Workout Journals if anyone is interested!

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