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The Open is Coming!

By Nate Gagnon | In News & Events | on October 2, 2019

What is the Open?

In the past few weeks, some of you may have heard us call workouts “Open Repeats” and thought, “What the heck does that mean? What is 17.1? What is the Open?” The Open is an annual CrossFit tradition where the global community comes together for five weeks to test our fitness. For a select few, it is the first stage in qualifying for the CrossFit Games. For everyone else, it is a chance to band together in our common striving for fitness. Each week for five weeks, starting on October 10th, workouts will be announced on Thursday night and all participants will have until Monday night to complete the workout. We will be programming the workouts for Saturdays and running heats from 10:00-12:00. These heat times are open to all. There is a scaled division and all ability levels are encouraged to participate! We will run the 9:00 class as normal and then have the heat times blocked off in the schedule. (For those of you who were here, this is the same format that we used last year) For those of you who want to see how you measure up on the global leaderboard, you can register at

First Workout Social Hour

For the first week, Saturday, October 12th, we will conclude at 12:00 with a social hour where absolutely everyone, working out or not, is encouraged to come and, of course, talk about CrossFit. Food will be provided. Free food!

Didn’t we just do the Open?

Some of you who have been CrossFitting for a while may be thinking, “Didn’t we just do this? Isn’t the Open normally at the end of February?” You are correct. Over the past year, CrossFit has been making changes to their competitive season that by and large have no effect on what us general fitnessers do. But, part of those changes included moving the Open to October, so this is the first year the Open is occurring in October. From not until forever (or when Greg Glassman changes his mind) the Open will now be held annually in October.

This is a Celebration!

I will close on saying that I know some people can get wrapped up in the Open being a competitive environment. The competitive aspects of the Open really have no bearing on anyone in our gym. What the Open provides for us at CFCC is a shared experience of testing ourselves all together, hand in hand. As you all know, there is a special bond created when you have gone through a hard workout together and the Open provides some especially spicy selections. Let’s take this as an opportunity to celebrate one another and all the hard work we put in day to day, week to week. Have fun!


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