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Upcoming Mini-Cycle

By Nate Gagnon | In Coach's Corner | on November 11, 2019

Hi All,

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on the current direction of the program. With the Open over, we’ll be following a more regular cycle for the next few weeks. That said, this will cycle will only last about three weeks, as we will have a new member of the team starting soon (!!!) who I will sit down with to craft a longer cycle. The breakdown of the coming cycle will be as follows:

Monday: International Bench Day–Upper body push/pull with bench press and chin ups in the strength cycle.

Tuesday: Box Squats– What are box squats? Come in on Tuesday and find out! This is a great way to change things up on our squatting and break through some sticking points. Week one will be only box squats; weeks two and three will have the box squats super-set with a unilateral movement.

Wednesday: Work Capacity Wednesday. We will not have a designated strength/skill this day to make time for longer conditioning pieces that will come in the form of longer interval and multiple AMRAP work.

Thursday: Hammies. Our lower body pull for these three weeks will be a barbell Romanian Deadlift. This will build pure hamstring strength, reinforce and improve hinge patterns, and have great carry over beyond the conventional deadlift. We’ll be supersetting the RDLs with weighted wall sits, so that we’re still working the neuromuscular recruitment required to pull from the floor. It will be awesome.

Friday: Fun Friday. We’ll have another upper body focus here, but the days will balance both structural strength and some Oly work.

When will the burpees be? What about the bear crawls? Itching for some Turkish Get Ups? Can we do some thrusters? Will we still listen to Billy Joel and Avril Lavigne? Will there still be a question of the day?

You’ll have to show up to find out. See you all soon. Keep killin’ it.


Coach Nate


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