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Whole Life Preparation

By brett kokoruda | In News & Events | on September 11, 2014

The whole life challenge begins Saturday morning. We’ve got just over 40 members as of today who are committed to the program. Let’s just say that Thanksgiving will be a little more fun this year… Some of you are doing this for the second time and you may have noticed that there are some changes and upgrades to the game and the website. Some of the nutrition rules are less restrictive than years past and water intake is now a permanent category which is a great addition in my opinion. Here are a couple of things that I personally found helpful to get you all started on the right foot.

1. Embrace this way of eating fully for the eight weeks. Don’t focus on what you can’t have, focus on all the great meals you will be adding to your weekly repertoire.

2. Don’t avoid social gatherings but be prepared before you go. If you show up starving for a cocktail party that has nothing but crackers and cheese then you will feel deprived and frustrated.  To that end, really try to keep the alcohol in check for 8 weeks. The new version of the game allows for 1 drink per day for both the lifestyle and the kickstarter version. This is an entirely reasonable rule. See what it feels like not to have those extra drinks for  two months, you’ll probably be surprised.

3. No matter what, enter your points EVERY DAY. Even if you went of the day before, the people who get the most out of this are the people who continue to report their points, good or bad.

4. Make it a goal to learn and master new meals. If you can find 10-15 new “go-to” meals that you love that are also healthy then you’ll have a much easier time during the game and after maintaining the results.

5. Understand that cravings, especially for sugar in ALL its forms does go away after a while.  The way you feel during the first two weeks is not the way you will feel later in the game when this pattern of eating has been grooved.

6. Throw out all your junk food before. Seriously. Don’t keep the Chips Ahoy in the cupboard just in case. You’ll have weak moments and keeping that garbage around is not a wise choice and leads to more frustration. There are many great deserts that you can make on this challenge.

7. Pay attention to how your body and mind feel later in the game. Many people find that things like whole grains and Dairy, which were staples of their diet actually make them feel sluggish. Until these items were removed we didn’t have a baseline to tell the difference.

8. Write reflections on the site. Its one of the best parts of the game, getting to know your fellow CFCC members outside the gym is a must, plus you get bonus points for it.

9.Try everything that’s suggested. The mobility. The water. The meditation. The sleep….this isn’t only about food. It’s about healthy lifestyle choices.

10. Have fun, enjoy yourself and don’t give up.





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