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Why you should do the Open

By Crossfit Coolidge Corner | In WOD | on February 21, 2015

1. Push Yourself
Each day, when you walk into the gym, you likely see a workout written on the board. It might be long, it might be short. It might be filled with gymnastics or front loaded with heavy lifting. They also might be a combination of the both. Regardless of the workout, when you come into the gym, it is likely that you scale the workout based on what you can and can’t do. For example, if you are just beginning to get the hang of toes to bar, you might not choose to do them in a workout, opting instead for knees to elbows or another scale of toes to bar. While this ability to scale expresses one of the fundamental facets of (scalability), it can also hold us back. If we never do the movements that challenge us in a workout, we never push forward. The open can provide you with this very opportunity to push yourself just outside your comfort zone. Because you cannot modify the movements (with the exception of how they have modified it for the scaled division), you are forced to deal with what you are given. It’s a true test of your fitness. You may only get a few double unders or a few movements into the workout, but its that push that you gave yourself to do those difficult movements that make yourself into a better athlete and person. It’s the moments like getting your first chest to bar or getting your first muscle up that make the open worth it. You may not have even tried such difficult movements in your everyday workouts, but when push comes to shove, the open pushes us into new domains of our fitness and allows us to see a new and exciting side of ourselves.

2. The Community
Crossfit is notorious for its tightly knit community. However, if you’ve never done the open, you probably have never experienced the immense growth in the sense of community that occurs with the advent of the open season. You see people helping each other learn the difficult movements thrown out in the workouts and total strangers cheering each other on as they PR and smash workouts. When boxes gather together to complete the open workouts, a new sense of community begins to form as people gain a sense of connectedness through a mutual understanding of the difficulty of the workouts. By signing up for the opens, you not only sign up for five weeks of competition, but five weeks of community and support from your fellow box mates and people around the world. For five weeks, the open unites the international family. Signing up for the open gives you a ticket into this.

3. Find Your Weakness
The Open will present you with five weeks of challenging workouts designed to test all aspects of your fitness. You will see gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, and calisthenics all tied together. It is this combination of elements that will allow you to see and test your weakness. Because there is little to no option for scaling, you are forced to truly see where your weaknesses lie and it gives you a chance to see how you can improve for the future.

4. See How You’ve Improved
The Open can serve as an excellent benchmark. If you haven’t done the open before, consider this your starting point. Because the workouts follow a similar structure each year, you can use them to gauge how far you have come in your fitness. If you got one chest to bar pull-up last year, chances are they will be in the open again this year, and if you’ve been working hard, you will likely see improvement when you perform chest to bar pullups in an open workout in 2015.

5. Appreciate The Best Of The Best
The opens presents us with a unique opportunity. When you watch the NFL or olympic gymnasts on television, it is difficult to imagine how they actually feel or how difficult their sport really is. Unlike nearly every other sport in the world, gives the opportunity for every single one of its athletes to compete at the same level in the same competition. When you do the workouts and post your score, you can really get an appreciation for what the best of the best in do on a daily basis. Not only that, but seven months later, as you watch the Crossfit Game on TV, you can sit there and say to yourself, “Wow, I was a part of that.” That is what is so amazing about the open. That it allows athletes of all skill and ability level to compete together and against each other and gain a real appreciation for each others’ abilities.

6. Introduce Yourself To Competitive Crossfit In A Familiar Environment
Maybe you played sports in high school, perhaps even college. Or maybe you were never really into that whole competitive sports thing. Regardless of your innate competitive nature, really seems to bring out the competitive sign in everyone. Everyday, we compete with ourselves and others to pushourselves to new domains of our fitness. The open can give us another opportunity to expose our competitive side. Whether you’ve thought about competing in or not, the open can be a great way to introduce yourself to competitive in a safe and friendly environment. Because your workouts will be performed within the comfort of your box with your fellow box-mates and coaches, the nerves of competition that come about with being in an unfamiliar environment with new people seem to fade away. When you have all your coach on the floor with you judging and coaching you through the workout as your family cheers you on, you can gain a really positive experience with competing in and bring out a competitive side you never knew you had.

7. Fall Back In Love With Crossfit
Crossfit is an extremely passionate sport. As athletes and participants in this sport, we all feel a strong connection to what we do. With every WOD, we dig into the very depths of our soul, finding emotions we never knew we had and using those to push through the dark moments of a workout. It’s this passion that drives us to commute an hour both ways and come into the gym in the middle of a blizzard. Why? Because we love it. Sometimes though, we lose that spark. We do the workouts and go through the motions, but our hearts just aren’t in it all the way. The open presents us with an opportunity to fall back in love with . Come the start of the open, there seems to be a new energy that fills boxes around the world. People seem to be abuzz with the excitement of the announcement of a new workout that will challenge them and push them to new levels and new domains of fitness. With each PR, the box becomes filled with camaraderie and a burst of passion and elation. The open can help you find your passion and love for . It can remind you where you started and how far you’ve come. But, most importantly, it will remind you why you started and why you stayed. The opportunity to push your fitness into new domains and the community and friendship that you have built over your time at the box. That is what makes the open so special.






Calorie Row

Kb Swings (53/35)



Power Cleans (95/65)

Front Squats



Wall Climbs

Medball Situps (20/14)



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